Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Less Than A Week

Here I am, 6 days away from driving away from my childhood home and into the sunset. (California is Western you know.)

First, I'll be moving away from Texas for the first time in my life. Second, I'll be moving into the real world. My occupation, cannot be termed "student". And to top it all off, I'll be moving in with my boyfriend. Big relationship step there. So unless I haven't made myself clear- this move is a BIG DEAL. It's exciting, and good, and natural- but big nonetheless.

In honor of this, today is a day for a looking forward/looking back post before I leap.

Besides the boring packing, I've been doing a few other things to anticipate my nesting. Here is the set of coasters I bought Malcolm on our Colorado trip:

The sandstone creates the impression of landscapes; isn't that beautiful? Malcolm was excited about this set of coasters because they remind him of some he has always admired at his parents' house. I'm so excited that Malcolm is taking an interest in decorating/homey things. I've also taken a leaf out of dear Margaret's book, and am finishing up a set of homemade cloth napkins: (thanks Margalarg)

The photo here doesn't really do the color justice, they are very pretty, and they even have some sparkle to them!

Now to the looking back aspect: I purchased a Texas keychain for my car keys so I can be an annoying Texas driver wherever I go. I've made the map where I will note the locations of my far-flung friends and family (once I move in), and I've completed a pressed-flower picture of the Texas specimens collected from the ditch next to Wiess:

Finally, just in case you've ever wondered what I keep talking about, here's the back yard I grew up in:

I imagine that when the homesickness hits, I'll resort to watching this video. I've never tried video before, and this was taken on my phone. What do you think/have any suggestions?

A final, unrelated note: Do any of you remember how in the Redwall series, the mice of Redwall name seasons after the most memorable event or unique characteristic of that season. This summer would be, for me: The Summer of the Constant "This American Life".

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Beginning

I am roughly two weeks away from the epic three-day drive to California that has been ticking towards me throughout this summer, and it is time to get serious about packing and finishing up my projects here. Time to acknowledge that my self-proclaimed year attempting to be an adult without my parents four hours away and the comforting walls of academia to shelter me is almost here. More, I have to realize that I'm both moving away from home, and not returning to another year at Rice.

In light of this, I have decided to start a blog in case any one out there is interested in the occasional update on my state and the state of my adventuring through life. I view this as a way to share with those who might be interested in my adventures, and invite similar expressions from friends and family.

I'm not entirely sure what is in store for me in California, but I'm sure that it will help me grow braver, stronger, better.