Sunday, October 24, 2010

Snapshot! Around Here

The last two weekends M and I have been rather house-bound, so I thought I would do a small around-here post of some shots I've taken of things that please or intrigue me.

M muddled the strawberries himself for this delicious lemonade:

We accidentally stumbled across this house on a romp once, it's tiled all over, quite a little work of art:

Here are some shots of the Floss Silk Tree, used in landscaping all over down here, it absolutely fascinates me with its thorny trunk and beautiful flowers:

I have way too many pictures of my various commutes on my computer, but you can see how beautiful they can be in the morning:

This is a collection of stuffed animals, some mine, and some belonging to my co-workers at the spcaLA, which sat at my desk there. I called them my "staff":

Our neighborhood is a really strange mix of large apartment complexes, and small houses that never sold out:

Finally, here's a baby oak tree growing out of a palm tree. Wild!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Three Months as a Blogger!

Today is my three month anniversary as a blog-writer, so I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions? Do I write about things you like to read? How could I induce more comments, so we engage in more of a dialogue?

More importantly, who reads? No pressure, I'm just wondering who I'm writing to. So, if you read and/or if you have any thoughts about it, could you let me know?

Most importantly, love to you guys!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Toll of Temporary Employment

Since I finished my assignment at the spcaLA last week, I've been shuffled through three different assignments at vastly different companies. Turns out, the ability to answer a phone is a transferable skill (sarcasm).

On Monday I worked 8 hours at a small movie studio which I forgot to take a picture of.

Tuesday-Thursday I worked at an outdoor furniture company that sells "to the trade", which means to professional decorators and designers only.

Apparently, designer-only furniture and decor stores operate out of design centers like this: the Pacific Design Center, known affectionately as the "blue whale" by Angelenos.

The building is super-ritzy, hosting Oscar after-parties, and including two restaurants by Wolfgang Puck (who is apparently very famous).

Finally, on Friday I worked for the "Latino Business Association's 2002 Business of the Year", a commercial realty group.

And I already know that on Monday, I can look forward to working, from 11-6, at a team building "Beach Olympics" on the Santa Monica Beach. ?!?

Obviously, there are some perks regarding temp work. Working at three different companies in a week is interesting, and allows me to observe a lot of different fields. Also, I'm still getting a kick out of the Los Angeles nature of the problems I get to field. I'd be lying if I said I didn't find it exciting to go from transferring calls from the offices of Paramount execs on Monday, to finding out the "status of the other 37 pieces for Dr. Phil" on Wednesday, to overhearing leasing arguments with WalMart brokers on Friday. And did I mention that I am going to be helping out with an executive team-building "Beach Olympics" on Monday? What is this life I'm living?

Of course, I am also aware that considering the economy, it's saying a lot that I have a job that lets me work at least close to the hours of 8-5 on weekdays only. And the companies I have worked for so far have been really professional and friendly towards me, which is saying a lot.

But on the other hand, as you probably know, I am a ROUTINE and a SCHEDULE person. I have been known to hyperventilate when my daily planner went missing for 15 minutes. I made Sarah and Figgy sit through epic 5 hour musical-schedule-planning-sessions EVERY SUNDAY of HH! and WSS. So you can only imagine how much it upsets me to not know how, where, or when I'll be making money on a day-to-day basis.

I almost glared at one of my agency's staffing managers this week when she mentioned off-hand, how great a way to make money temping is. (It's not a great idea to glare at the people finding you jobs.) M and my mom will both tell you that I have NOT been happy this week. And I am entirely aware that that is all in my head, not in the situation itself.

I am just really, REALLY realizing from this experience that I need a routine to settle in to, and a project that is both ongoing, and exciting and worthwhile for me. Just working a job every day is not enough for my happiness. I need to find a vocation for my life to seem bright and full of color. Do you think that's unrealistic?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Four Years

W E celebrated our four-year anniversary last week. Because of my dad's visit, we didn't do anything terribly romantic the day of, but rather spread the festivities out over the course of the week. We exchanged presents on Saturday: Malcolm got me Christmas lights for the flower room, and I got him a fancy, adjustable piano stool.

On Sunday we went to the Getty Villa. A truly magnificent approach to the art of museums, which I will probably discuss more in length later:

But mostly, we were just normal and relaxed the whole way through. No stressful romantic gestures, nothing big and fussy. It was just what I think defines the best of us as a couple, the two of us just holding hands through life and occasionally exchanging looks of joy/incredulity/surprise/love/peace/silliness. It doesn't seem like four years, and I'm totally excited to see what happens each day of the next one.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mr. Miller Came to Town

Business trips are my new best friend! Because my dad's company happens to have a plant in Camarillo, CA, which my dad happened to have to visit last week, he was able to come visit me on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was initially very nervous/excited about having him come, hoping to impress him with the home M & I have put together to share.

We spent the weekend before making the apartment look nice (which finally resulted in one of the bathrooms looking like we had some sort of design goal in mind.) It's the first time I have actually had an inspiration for a room based on one piece that I own. In this case it was the two painted tin animals M and I picked up at The Turqoise Door in Austin, TX.

But I digress: my dad braved the scary, mountanous California highways to come see me on both nights, and it was great! Before I got home from work, Malcolm chatted with my dad without stressing out about it- which is a great place to find your dad and your boyfriend's relationship in.

It was also a surprise to me how easy it was to show my dad around. On the second night, I kept saying to myself: "what is going on, what is that feeling that you are missing?" Finally it occurred to me: "that feeling is stress; you are relaxed. I know this is new for you Caitlin dear, but go with it!" It's true, somewhere between my dad being a really nice and chill guy, and the fact that being around Malcolm makes me calmer than I am on my own, the whole visit was largely low stress. (Caitlin- 1, Caitlin's stress issues- 0)

And as for itinerary: since it was two weeknights that he drove down to see us, we didn't have time to show him anywhere too cool, but on Tuesday we took him to sushi at one of our favorite places in Westwood: Tomodachi Sushi:

Featuring a hole-in-the-wall taste in decor, and exceptional creations like this lobster roll, it is one of our favorite places. My dad was game to try lots of things, though I'm not sure the sashimi went over very well. :-P

(photo courtesy of

The second night, I made my dad a spinach and bacon quiche, and after witnessing the first little rain-shower of Los Angeles since I've been here, we took my dad for the California favorite: Frozen Yogurt. Yummy!

It was a total success. Of course, it would have been better if my mom had been able to come visit as well, but all in all, it was really nice to watch my dad's eyes sparkle as he saw for himself that so far I'm doing this grown-up-life thing fairly well. Just keep your fingers crossed for the future!