Sunday, October 24, 2010

Snapshot! Around Here

The last two weekends M and I have been rather house-bound, so I thought I would do a small around-here post of some shots I've taken of things that please or intrigue me.

M muddled the strawberries himself for this delicious lemonade:

We accidentally stumbled across this house on a romp once, it's tiled all over, quite a little work of art:

Here are some shots of the Floss Silk Tree, used in landscaping all over down here, it absolutely fascinates me with its thorny trunk and beautiful flowers:

I have way too many pictures of my various commutes on my computer, but you can see how beautiful they can be in the morning:

This is a collection of stuffed animals, some mine, and some belonging to my co-workers at the spcaLA, which sat at my desk there. I called them my "staff":

Our neighborhood is a really strange mix of large apartment complexes, and small houses that never sold out:

Finally, here's a baby oak tree growing out of a palm tree. Wild!

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