Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mr. Miller Came to Town

Business trips are my new best friend! Because my dad's company happens to have a plant in Camarillo, CA, which my dad happened to have to visit last week, he was able to come visit me on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was initially very nervous/excited about having him come, hoping to impress him with the home M & I have put together to share.

We spent the weekend before making the apartment look nice (which finally resulted in one of the bathrooms looking like we had some sort of design goal in mind.) It's the first time I have actually had an inspiration for a room based on one piece that I own. In this case it was the two painted tin animals M and I picked up at The Turqoise Door in Austin, TX.

But I digress: my dad braved the scary, mountanous California highways to come see me on both nights, and it was great! Before I got home from work, Malcolm chatted with my dad without stressing out about it- which is a great place to find your dad and your boyfriend's relationship in.

It was also a surprise to me how easy it was to show my dad around. On the second night, I kept saying to myself: "what is going on, what is that feeling that you are missing?" Finally it occurred to me: "that feeling is stress; you are relaxed. I know this is new for you Caitlin dear, but go with it!" It's true, somewhere between my dad being a really nice and chill guy, and the fact that being around Malcolm makes me calmer than I am on my own, the whole visit was largely low stress. (Caitlin- 1, Caitlin's stress issues- 0)

And as for itinerary: since it was two weeknights that he drove down to see us, we didn't have time to show him anywhere too cool, but on Tuesday we took him to sushi at one of our favorite places in Westwood: Tomodachi Sushi:

Featuring a hole-in-the-wall taste in decor, and exceptional creations like this lobster roll, it is one of our favorite places. My dad was game to try lots of things, though I'm not sure the sashimi went over very well. :-P

(photo courtesy of

The second night, I made my dad a spinach and bacon quiche, and after witnessing the first little rain-shower of Los Angeles since I've been here, we took my dad for the California favorite: Frozen Yogurt. Yummy!

It was a total success. Of course, it would have been better if my mom had been able to come visit as well, but all in all, it was really nice to watch my dad's eyes sparkle as he saw for himself that so far I'm doing this grown-up-life thing fairly well. Just keep your fingers crossed for the future!

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  1. I'm glad you had some company! It looks like a nice visit.