Sunday, October 17, 2010

Three Months as a Blogger!

Today is my three month anniversary as a blog-writer, so I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions? Do I write about things you like to read? How could I induce more comments, so we engage in more of a dialogue?

More importantly, who reads? No pressure, I'm just wondering who I'm writing to. So, if you read and/or if you have any thoughts about it, could you let me know?

Most importantly, love to you guys!


  1. I read your blog! It is in my google reader, which I use to stave off the cruel tragedy of having to pay attention in class. Take heart, you are way more interesting than a lecture on The Dynamic Future of Librarianship, although that is admittedly an easy act to beat.

  2. i do.
    My pet chinchilla does not.
    But he likes to climb up walls.

  3. "Do I write about things you like to read?" As long as you're writing about yourself, yes ;-)

    Keep on blogging on!

  4. I check your blog about once a week. I enjoy all of your posts, but I tend to not leave comments because I'm never quite sure what to say. Do keep writing, though!