Sunday, January 2, 2011

My 2010 in Pictures

In 2010 I:

went to the Fort Worth Modern Museum with my parents,

took photos with Victor at the Menil,

hung out with friends,

went to 100 Days,

worked on the defunct Open Magazine Calendar,

went on early morning walks with Brian,

rode in the truck for Beer Bike 2010,

was visited by Ezra, Phaedra, and Sylvie,

went to Washington D.C. with Malcolm,

enjoyed the Texas spring wildflowers,

finally finished my thesis,

sang heartily at Folk Singing Nights,

danced at the Senior Gala,

had a final dinner with Wiess class of 2010,

graduated, and then said goodbye to Willy and a wonderful four years at Rice,

spent a summer enjoying the company of my best friend,

witnessed Megan and Lee DeBoom's lovely wedding,

visited Colorado with the Eckel family,

got a new look,

got my diploma in the mail,

finally went on the Famous Horace Butts home tour,

moved to Los Angeles with Malcolm,

found an apartment to share,

brought home Darlington Poirot,

worked for the spcaLA,

celebrated four years of dating Malcolm Eckel,

was visited in L.A. by my dad,

visited the Getty Villa,

started working for Apollo,

visited home and carved Halloween pumpkins with my dad,

found a great nieghborhood sushi restaurant and added it to my office's lunch rotation,

had Malcolm's friend over for Thansgiving dinner,

homemade Christmas cards,

shopped for, wrapped, and boxed Christmas presents,

enjoyed Christmas in Arlington with my family,

and finally, began finding Christmas traditions for myself in Los Angeles.

It has been quite a year! And there have been so many things that I did not get satisfactory pictures of: friends at Wiess, salsa dancing, outings with Christine, walks with Kelley, breakfasts with Teresa, a visit from Catherine, an awesome night with Joel, and countless wonderful letters, just to name a few. Thanks for sticking with me, my dear family and friends, I appreciate you even more from afar!

I'm hoping for an even better 2011!


  1. BTW: I did not take all of these pictures myself (surprise). Photo credits include Rachel Solnick, Christine Gerbode/Victor Benavides,?, Senior Gala Photographer, my mom, Lauren Shoeffler, John Nelson, Bethany Womack,and my mom again.

  2. What a nice recap : )
    Happy new year, and may the coming one be the best one yet! Love and miss you <3

    PS- that's an excellent picture of Mr. Poirot