Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And We're Packing Again...

I'm sorry I haven't been a very active blogger recently, we have been very busy over here with our upcoming move.  That very same move has been making my thoughts ping pong around my brain, and this blog post will likely reflect that.  Bear with me?

Last weekend we started packing the apartment and it's beginning to look pretty empty.  I always start with the decorations and nicknack's, partially so they don't get broken in the chaos, and partially so normalcy disappears from the space- that way I don't always feel like we're taking down the Christmas tree whilst packing.  Does anyone else relate to that feeling?

A lot of things seem to be working out for us.  For example, after flying to D.C. and completing a week-long interview process with DCPS M was offered a job teaching Algebra I at Roosevelt Senior High School in the district, and last Friday he officially accepted it.  He's looking forward to starting work with his new team; though I know he's really sad to leave behind the students and teachers with whom he's developed such wonderful relationships.

In a crazy spat of fortune, Mara, M's sister, is moving to Los Angeles a couple weeks after we leave it, and she and her roommate are going to take over our apartment.  We got approval from our landlord just a few days ago.  That means that we can just give our furniture (which is IKEA and therefore not worth moving across the country) to the two of them.  A win-win for both parties if you ask me.

So that leaves:
1 day until I fly to Arlington for my friend Karri's wedding
3 days until friend Karri's wedding
4 days until I fly back to L.A. from Arlington.
1 week until my last day of work
1 week and a day until M's last day of work at Animo Inglewood Charter High School
1 week and 3 days until my dad lands at LAX to help us drive
1 week and 4 days until we pack up our cars and start the three day drive to Texas

An excellent example of what a whirlwind feels like!

Because we're not moving our furniture, we're just packing our things into boxes.  We'll squeeze what we can in our cars and freight ship the rest, or maybe get one of those roof-top carriers to help maximize our cars.  We're finding it very difficult to know how much we own and how much our cars can fit until it's actually all packed up.  Any tips on packing?

There are so many little facets that go into moving, and sometimes it's hard to remember what all needs to get done.  One thing we haven't figured out yet is a place in D.C.!  We've heard good things about apartment finder services, and luckily I have a month "off" to look for one while staying with my family.  M, meanwhile, will jet off to upstate New York for the summer genius math camp where he teaches three weeks of the summer.

Finally, I'll leave you with a protip: It's really easy to change your address with the United States Postal Service online here.  You can tell them what date the change takes effect, and they'll send you an official change-of-address form which you might need to prove your move to people. You will need a credit card though, it costs $1, mostly so they can verify your identity.  If you don't want to give them your information, I'm sure there's a paper copy you can fill out at your local post office, but this seemed easier to me.  Remarkably space-age for the USPS.  Props to them!


  1. Goodness gracious that's a tight, crazy schedule! You're flying in and out and three days working and - whew, not sure I could handle that. Best of luck! Get some sleep!

    But the really thing is: which Roosevelt is the high school named after?

  2. Packing is an excellent time to cull. :)

  3. AHHHH! Can't wait until you're in Dallas! It will be so awesome to live in the same state again!! (Tate gets his apartment there Friday)