Sunday, August 1, 2010

All Moved

I know I'm a little late getting around to this post, but I have been super busy since arriving in L.A. It looks like we might have found THE apartment, but I'll post more on that later. Anyway:

Leaving on Monday was hard, REALLY hard. My mom gave me a rose to keep close on the journey, and it smelled lovely the whole way. I'd just get a little whiff when I needed the smell of home:

Between that and the pretty skies, I began to feel excited and uplifted about this choice, and of course, M has been practically giddy ever since he showed up at my house on Sunday.

Considering the difficulty I had with pulling out of my driveway, it was surprising to me how much the cross-country move began to feel like a mini-vacation. Thanks to the excellent planning and navigating skills of M, we were able to see many beautiful things. He did a good job of stealing me away to his castle:

The Albequerque BioGardens:

The Petrified Forest National Park/Painted Desert:

The Grand Canyon:

And then all of a sudden, the roadtrip was over and I was in Los Angeles. It took 3 days, 1,557 miles, and 25 hours of driving and I was officially moved. Though I'm still having a hard time thinking of this as "home", the little things like our celebratory arrival breakfast remind me how nice it is to be figuring life out.

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  1. Your trip looks awesome. I can't wait to see some apartment photos (since you now have an address, i know you must have taken a few pictures).