Saturday, August 14, 2010

Can I Hear it for IKEA?

Last Thursday, M and I went to the wonderful land where furniture comes in flat packages and easily-assemblable bundles. We spent a reasonable amount of money on furniture for practically the whole apartment. The apartment is large enough to still feel uncluttered, but we now have places to put our stuff, and places to eat and to sit. It's an excellent improvement, and was the beginning of the establishment of the routines that we both will thrive on.

Then we got building. It took us until partway through Friday, but we assembled everything sturdily and successfully.

I personally felt really good about doing a large part of the building myself. M may be the boy, but when it came to picking furniture, building it, and deciding where it was going to go, we were a great team.

So now our apartment has furniture. With a basic structure for living established, my priority has shifted to finding a job, and I'm not allowing myself too much time for getting lost in decorating the apartment. I have many ideas for the second IKEA trip we intend to make, but I've told myself, quite reasonably, that I can't do any polishing until I can afford it.

But just to tide us over:
I want to get a couple of these to hang my scarves and shawls on over the head of the bed. Wouldn't that be functional and yet multi-colored and decorative?

Next, M wants as a present a few of their potted cacti, and I say let's embrace this semi-arid environment we now live in!

Finally, wouldn't one of these look cool suspended over my desk with my letters and receipts and other small paper items hanging from it?

I can't wait!

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