Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mara Came to Visit

A couple of weeks ago Mara, Malcolm's sister, came to visit.  She stayed for two weekends with us, and went off exploring Las Vegas with a friend during the week between.  It's especially exciting to have her come to visit, because she's going to be moving to L.A. herself in a few months.  She's going to be an awesome screenwriter one day; her scripts are chilling.  Also, she'd want me to tell you, she's great at high fiving!
We didn't get to show her around as much as we would have liked because of a series of unfortunate events.  For example, on her first Sunday in L.A. I got a migraine, it was pouring rain, and 26.2 of the most prominent and most crucial miles in L.A. were shut down for the L.A. Marathon.  It was a bit difficult. 

We had to take her with us on a bunch of errands, but she seemed tickled to see Trader Joe's and help me pick out crafting supplies for another set of bridal shower invitations I'm making.  So much pink guys!

We also got to take her down to the Pacific, as well as to our old stand-by- the 3rd Street Promenade. 
Mostly, though, it was just nice to see the two siblings be together.  With siblings (I gather) you don't feel like you have to entertain them the whole time they're visiting- it's just nice to interact without the sense of performance.  I don't really quite understand what it must have been like to grow up with someone so close in age to you, and yet, seemingly, worlds away- but it's nice to look in every now and then.   


  1. Oh man, it definitely depends on the sibling. Anytime my brother visits he complains constantly about how boring I am (because I don't have a PS3). I keep assuming that when he gets older he'll realize I'm amazing but it just hasn't happened yet.

    I actually can't imagine what it would be like growing up an only child. Did you have to grow up quicker having only adults to talk to?

  2. Okay, after thinking about it for a minute I realize that sounds like a stupid question because, obvs, school and having friends. I guess it seems like it would be weird not having anyone besides adults to seek out when you're bored in the summer or evening for playing board games or whatever.

    Also, I may need you to explain weddings to me sometime because I have to be in one this summer and I am way confused about everything.

  3. I should say that I DO have a brother, we're just vastly different in age, so I didn't grow up with him.

    People always said that I was "mature for my age" maybe not having another kid in the house had something to do with that? But I mostly just got really good at entertaining myself- I had whole imaginary worlds in my backyard.

    Finally, PLadd, I would love to help with weddings in whatever way I can. It's true that I'm getting a lot of experience these days. What's confusing/this isn't your own wedding is it?