Thursday, May 19, 2011

One Month Till We're On the Road Again

One Month.  Malcolm and I leave L.A. in One Month.  We start THIS in One Month: 
We'll travel it in two portions: first from L.A. to DFW with my dad (who's a champ), then there'll be a month-long break for me in Texas and 3 week math camp in NY for Malcolm, and then on from DFW to DC.

Just for some additional perspective, please consider these pictures:
That's an entire country, folks.
Actually, it's an entire continent.  2,800ish miles.  It registers on a global scale.

It's pretty big for us too.  So there's that.  Just thought I'd let you know.  We haven't made all the plans.  We've got a lot left to do.  But I'm pretty excited.


  1. What's the waypoint you're stopping to see in New Mexico?

  2. We haven't decided on official routes yet, that's just there because we'll probably go through Phoenix and El Paso and google maps was putting us more Northerly.