Monday, May 2, 2011

Beautiful World: Wiess Love

I've been feeling nostalgic for Rice and Wiess recently.  The campus is always so beautiful in the spring, with the green leaves of the famous trees especially verdant and fresh, and the wildflowers blooming next to Wiess.  I figure I'll always be a Wiessman, but sometimes it's sad to be so far away from your community- and to know that that community has all but disbanded anyway- off to exciting jobs and schools and families all over the country. 

On that note: I graduated last May.  The Rice University Class of 2011 is shortly to follow.  Congratulations to them, and here's hoping for a rain-free commencement!

This is an oldie.  Hail Tiny Pig!  He sat in my window at Wiess for about a year and a half.

My parents bought this this spring.  See how Wiess sprit spreads?  Even my parents are fond of goldenrod flying pigs!
M and I found this goldrenod pig tray at World Market last week.  How awesome is that?
TFW!  TFW!  TFW! | Rice fight never die!

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  1. Who cares? Hanszen still sucks. :D

  2. TFW FTW! Team Wiess for the win, always and forever. I miss my roomies! I love how goldenrod pigs have infiltrated your garden and living room. I need to find one myself.