Thursday, February 17, 2011

IKEA Trip 2.0: Plant Room

I finally finished reorganizing my plant room.  Later in the week/weekend I'll do a more detailed before/after post including pictures of the current configuration featuring sunlight.  I'm just really happy that this room now looks like a place you might want to spend some time in rather than a room with a bunch of plants almost on the floor.   
I'm not usually huge on silk flowers.  I kinda see them as dust-traps, but the dark windows in this room (Really, who builds a sun room with dark windows?  Kinda missing the point if you ask me!) make it hard for me to grow anything with actual flowers in here.  Also, they were free.  I've had to shift my attention towards more humidity-loving plants with lovely foliage, and that seems to be working well.   
That's our Christmas tree up there, sans decorations. I hope to do some kind of creative work at this table once it gets warmer.

And just in case you've been wondering, this is the view from our living room. Sorry it's a little messy. I'm telling you, this is good for a Wednesday night.

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