Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekend with Tommy

This is my friend Tommy: 
Tommy is making a strange face because I was camera-stalking him, but he's actually very nice.

He studies brains! in San Diego, and brews cider himself. Both of which make him very cool. He is also very good at explaining science.  Tommy tells really absurd stories with a deadpan delivery that lets the ridiculousness of whatever he is telling you unfold slowly and therefore be even more hilarious.

We took him to the Santa Monica Pier (like we take everyone), except this time we walked underneath it, which I found really creepy!  The Pier has amusement park rides on it, so the whole thing moans and shakes when the roller coaster rattles through its course. 

This time I was very brave and walked down to the waves and we stuck our little feet in.  The water of the Pacific Ocean currents down from Canada, so it's aways cold.  You'd think everything would be cold because it's January, but on this particular day, it was about 75 by the beach. 

Malcolm was rocking his flannel-lined jeans.  It was extremely stylin':

There were like a million sailboats out on the Pacific on this particular beautiful Saturday:

There were crowds of people and bright colors everywhere, and generally it was a lot of fun.  The day was one of those very casual days where it didn't feel like we were trying hard to come up with things to say to each other.  The conversation flowed casually. 

There was more to the day as well.  Afterwards we went to eat sushi (Tommy hadn't had any since he moved to California!)  Then we had Joel over and sipped beer and ale till the early hours of the morning.  We just conversed comfortably throughout.  It was all extremely pleasant, good friends make the world better!  

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