Saturday, February 12, 2011

Showering with Joy

It's just that time.  That time in my life when I have a lot of friends and family members getting married.  Sometimes, having all of these weddings in my life can be really stressful- for example, there's the pressure to hurry up and get married myself.  There are the sad times when I can't make it to a wedding or celebration and feel guilty.  There's also the various organizing and planning and listening that scaffold weddings and bridal showers and bachelorette parties- all that can be stressful too.  But then there are days like this:  

I know that today, on the day of her (third) bridal shower, the one that I helped to organize, JJ will be having plenty of fun.  She will be surrounded by beauty and joy and friends who all wish her the best in her soon-to-be wedded bliss.  She will be in her hometown, feeling love from her family, from the people she went to school and church with, from people who have known her the longest.
I know that K and M, who, like total champs, took my absence in stride and carried on organizing and coming up with craft ideas, buying party supplies and making food, will do a wonderful job hosting the shower.  I know that everything will be perfect with or without me.       
I also know that even though I am not able to be there, my presence and well-wishes will surround her too, in the form of snowflake garlands, rings of paper hearts, and framed pictures of her as a child for the guests to guess at.  I am so proud that my mom and grandmother are crafty, thoughtful people and that they taught me to be the same, so that I can use those skills to make other people happy from afar.
On the day of the first bridal shower that I have (sorta) been responsible for, I'd like to offer some toasts:

Here's to good friends who have known us for a very long time, and who rise to the occasion gracefully.
Here's to seeing hard work pay off.
Here's to family and loved ones who help make us better people through their advice and example. 
(Let's be honest) Here's to getting presents! 
And finally-

Here's to that time of life where people pull together to celebrate love!

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