Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh Yes, There I Am.

I want to share a moment I had while driving to work yesterday. I was performing a very mundane task: merely steering my car through the early morning haze, around 7:10, not really paying attention to my surroundings. I didn't really notice the pink orchid-like flowers in the trees planted in the median, the turquoise window displays in the trendy department stores, or the streetlight-banners cleverly proclaiming both the date of a "taste of the town" event, and the fact that I was driving through the most famous zipcode on earth: (9.02.10). Then a ray of light cut sharply through the morning fog and between two towering building, and I found myself marveling at the beauty I was able to witness in this most absurd of places.

That few seconds of wonder caused a realization that stunned me: this ability to witness beauty and find deep joy in it, is a feeling I identify as "me". I was acutely aware, in that moment, of how out-of-touch with myself I've been feeling recently, and how good it was to be reminded of who I am. It was like I was getting to hug a friend I hadn't seen in a very long time, except that friend was myself. I think this is a good sign, I think this means I'm acclimating to my new situation, and that maybe I'll finally begin to have some sort of answer when people ask how I like my new home/life/state.

Today, life is very good.

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