Monday, September 6, 2010


Los Angeles has what seems to me to be a really comprehensive recycling program, but unfortunately, when we moved in, our apartment complex didn't have it set up. As a result, I've made very little progress where the sunroom was concerned, because it was mostly serving as my plastic container/IKEA cardboard box storage, since I wasn't willing to throw out anything I knew was recyclable.

Luckily, setting up recycling for "multifamily units" is actually really easy, you just have to contact the sanitation department with all the relevant information for your unit, and then hope the building manager-

(remember Amir?)

-will agree to allow it to be set up. And why wouldn't a building manager, since it's totally FREE? After a couple of weeks of waiting patiently, the sanitation department worked its magic, Amir agreed, and on Thursday this shiny new thing arrived outside our apartment complex:


However, I noticed on Friday afternoon that someone had incorrectly decided that a giant smear of barbeque sauce was recyclable, a grave misconception quickly followed by a half-filled milk carton and a Starbucks cup. Sigh. Such a sort lived triumph.

I'm opting in favor of the belief that the big-city dwellers of my apartment complex just don't know what should and should not be recycled. (Notwithstanding the very clear flier from the Sanitation Dept., strewn throughout the unit like a Chinese take-out menu). Hopefully if I go door-to-door and explain about the new bin, people will take more ownership, and commit to treating it right.

In that interest, I made a flier to hopefully more efficiently drive home the important points about what to do/not to do where recycling is concerned:

Tomorrow I'll try this method, and hope it helps rather than simply annoys my fellow residents. I'll let you know. :-)

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  1. That's awesome! I hope you're neighbors are friendly and accommodating. Nothing could be easier than single stream curbside pickup. We have it here and its the best!