Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beautiful World: Sunset Street

This is the view down San Vincente outside one of our favorite restaurants: the delicious Brentwood Spumoni.  Following copious dental work on Monday, M wanted something soft, so we went here for ricotta and spinach ravioli in pink sauce.  Divine.  Oscar, who runs the restaurant, is very excited about the new and better parmesan they are grating over soup and pasta dishes.  It was indeed delicous.  It was lovely to be treated to such a beautiful view while we ate.

In related news I have a better sense of the manifesto for my Beautiful World posts.  The idea is to use them to capture an experience, a sight, or a moment in time that seemed to be suffused with beauty despite being surrounded by the mundane or the routine.  It's all about unexpected moments of zen.  I'm going to try to post with these at least once a week, though they probably happen more often.  I just don't always have my camera with me or the photography skills necessary to capture how I feel.  Bear with me.

And as always, if you aren't interested in Beautiful World Posts, no worries! Just scroll down to the most recent long post, tagged "Musings" and click on the tag. It will remove all the "BeautifulWorld" tagged posts from the page.

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