Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Malcolm!

Yesterday M turned 26!  We have this tradition on his birthdays where, in lieu of me buying a present he probably won't use, I make M a picnic-style lunch or dinner featuring a sandwich I "invent". 

Here's the "picnic" I set up yesterday.  Finally, an opportunity to put the sun room to good use!  Lovin' that spring sunshine!
And here, my friends, is this year's sandwich!  I plan on doing a more detailed blog post later about all the ingredients/process.
Devilled eggs are also very important.  He says mine are the only type he's ever liked.
The total spread:
M liked his sandwich a lot!

For dessert we made peanut butter "sandwich" cookies.  So many sandwiches, I'm so very clever (snort)!  Here I am mixing the filling.  M even helped spread the filling in between the two cookie layers. 

I also enjoy how this picture hints at the complete mess I made out of the kitchen during this process.
M enjoyed taking pictures of me for this part.  Artsy shot!
I made M blow out a candle sitting on top of his tower of birthday cookies.  He may have thought I was being silly.  I also may have made him do it twice- once for real, and once for pictures. 
I think it's pretty swell that Malcolm was born 26 years ago.  I like that he's on this planet.  I especially like that he's not 2,000 miles away from me anymore.  It is so very nice to be close to the person you love.    Happy Birthday Silly Muffin!


  1. 1. Awesome sun room
    2. Those sandwiches look spectacular and recipes must follow!
    3. You know, Malcolm is a lucky fellow. ;-)

  2. Everything's so pretty!! Love the tablecloth too.