Monday, March 14, 2011

Special Agent: Bridesmaid Tool Kit

In addition to all the lovey-dovey business, being a bridesmaid is a lot like being a special agent.  A spy.  A master of many different skills.  The wearer of many different disguises.

A bridesmaid is probably going to be asked to fulfill many different roles, such as:

the assistant (in which you call or visit vendors with or for the bride; coordinate with other members of the wedding party you've probably never met before),
the social butterfly (in which you smile, chat, talk, and dance with friends and family members of the bride and groom you've probably never met before),
the hostess (in which you throw a bridal shower for which you are asked to provide some or all of the following: food, entertainment, decorations and invitations),
the maid (in which you help the bride get dressed, tacking on pieces of her outfit, lacing her up, helping with hair and makeup as needed, etc.),
the party girl (in which you host, or at least participate in a bachelorette night of pleasant debauchery and teasing of the bride),
the public speaker (in which you give a toast in front of a full room of people).

And those are just the roles I could think of off the top of my head.

Bridesmaids are undoubtedly masters (or mistresses) of disguise- just like spies; but aside from the ever-changing roles to fill, what else to brides and spies share?  An awesome tool kit.  That's right.  All of this has been building to the tool kit.  I put together an awesome tool kit for the wedding I was in last Saturday, and I plan to keep it around in the future.  I'm pretty excited about it. 

Observe and admire: My disaster preparedness kit. My pride and joy.
My kit contains:
Antiseptic Wipes
Bobby Pins
Cell Phone
Clear Mascara
Clear Nail Polish
Contact Rewetting Drops
Cough Drops
Dental Floss
Double-Sided Tape
Eye drops
Flask? No, probably not.
Nail File
Needles and Thread
Ponytail Holders
Saftey Pins
Sticky Notes
Super Glue
(Items in Italics are not pictured either because I had removed them by the time I took the pictures, or because I was attempting to protect sensitive male eyes.)

Okay, so maybe my tool kit wasn't exactly like a spy's, it didn't contain really awesome things like fake mustaches, iris-changing contact lenses, or smoke bombs; it also didn't contain anything super dangerous like guns, throwing stars, or suspension wires.  But I did have a flashlight.  A Swiss army knife.  A tiny folding fan.  I'm a totally a bad-ass right here!

And anyway, this intense over-planning did come in handy for Saturday's wedding: the needle, thread and scissors came in handy, as did the safety pins, cough drops, breath-mints, clear nail polish, tissues, nail-file and mirror.  Perfecto!  If you have suggestions for tools to add for the future, please let me know! 


  1. Oh man, this is the best idea ever! I am definitely going to make something similar for this summer, with the addition of fake mustaches because, come on, those come in handy like all the time, Caitlin!

    Also, I know what you mean; I have seen some of the manliest of men break down in tears at the sight of double sided tape.

  2. Lol. Re:double-sided tape. If you have the time/monies to find some of that body tape sold specifically for holding clothing items to skin, it might work better. We never had the chance to test normal double-sided tape out.

  3. "...or because I was attempting to protect sensitive male eyes."

    Thanks, I do get really freaked out by dental floss.