Friday, March 11, 2011

Glueguns are Mightier than Magic Wands

This is a fairy-queen magic wand I gave to my friend for her bachelorette party.  Caus' brides should get to command people, you know?
(The wand is pictured with a feather boa in a beautiful pitcher from my friend Margaret)

This is the way the wand looked when I bought it from Party City

Fine, but not great, and a little too pink for our bride's color scheme.  But why settle?  I knew I had hot-glue on my side.  First, I wrapped up the maribou feathers in a section of a grocery bag to protect them from getting tangled in troublesome hot-glue strings:
Next, I hot glued all over the wand's plastic star, one major axis at a time, sprinkling Martha Stewart tinsel glitter on each strand of glue as I went. 
Finally, I went in and filled in the little swirly gaps...
...including a line along the sides.
I also added a few pieces of matching sparkly ribbon from Michaels so that the light pink functioned more as an accent rather than the dominating color.
The moral of this story is that you should own a hot-glue gun.  You should.  Go buy one RIGHT NOW!  You should use it to modify the things you buy so that they match your themes, ideas, and color scheme better.  You don't have to be satisfied with what you buy at a store.

Plus, modifying this wand with glitter meant that when it was waved around, tiny amounts of glitter fell off making a shimmer in the air just like real magic wands.  I liked it that way.

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  1. I had no idea you put so much effort into Jess' wand! It turned out beautifully :)