Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beautiful World: Trader Joe's

Malcolm and I finally got around to actually going into a Trader Joe's and not just talking about it, and boy have we been rewarded.  It was the perfect discovery for spring, because they have fresh cut flowers for WAY CHEAPER than any other store in L.A..  I'm pretty sure.  Also- their orange chicken is amazing!
This is a crummy picture, which is why it's not very large- but the orange chicken IN this picture is DELICIOUS!  We've had it 3 Sunday's in a row.  With broccoli, come on now, we're not totally unhealthy!  Anyway, the idea behind this store is genious- it specializes in packaged foods that are tasty, health-concious, and included with easy-to-follow instructions.  It is THE grocery store for foodies with full-time jobs (not in the food industry already).

Does falling head over heels for Trader Joe's like so many before us make us yuppies, hipsters, or none of the above?

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  1. I can never resist Trader Joe's cheap wine with interesting labels! It is probably also the best place around here for good, cheap produce, which is how I can go there and not feel like a hipster. Although one time I was there and the guy next to me in line shouted, "What kind of grocery store IS THIS? They don't even have Coke!" and everyone around me started laughing at him in this way that said, "I am buying fancy organic Trader Joe's toilet paper and you're not" so maybe it is only for hipsters. Anyway, at least it's less pretentious than Whole Foods.

  2. PLadd- That's another thing I love about it- it totally has a cult following, but store employees wear hawaiin shirts as their uniform. So laid back! Last Sunday, a girl stocking the shelves was definately standing on a case to reach the highest shelves and NO ONE CARED. I'll have to try the wine next.